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Ministry is more often caught than taught. The place to catch it is where it is really happening. Such a place is Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, a proven training ground for ministry. Men who have sat under the teaching of Pastor Chuck Smith have gone out to establish ministries that evidence the blessing of God.

Now to enhance the  process of osmosis, Calvary Chapel offers the School of Ministry. The purpose of this school is to train men to be church planters, developing needed tools so they may become effective pastor-teachers.

A challenge exists to plant churches in the Calvary style. People hunger for that beautiful balance of solid Bible teaching and a welcoming of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Many are tired of bureaucratic church structures, longing for the simplicity found in the Calvary Chapel movement.
The Jesus Style of Teaching

The educational style that occurs at Calvary more closely follows the process of discipleship that Jesus used with his disciples. Jesus spent time with the disciples and put them in situations where they had to reproduce the things He was teaching them. The disciples absorbed what He taught. They were at the center of the action. The teaching was totally integrated with real life. They watched His ministry and followed His example.
Learning Through Participation

The School of Ministry focuses on teaching ministry skills through the participation in the ministry at Calvary Chapel. We want the Lord to work through the unique personality and gifts of each student to accomplish the Lord’s plan for his life.

Seldom do you find such a group of men so deeply committed to the Lord and to growing in their service for Him, as you do in the School of Ministry at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Sharing life together in Christ Jesus creates an exciting learning environment. I feel honored to work with men of such high caliber.

As you browse the pages of this website, you have the opportunity to consider whether you should be part of such a discipleship team.