Applying to SoM

An application fee of $25 (non-refundable) must be included with the application to the school.


The applicant must submit a completed application and reference forms. Please read carefully the instructions on the top and back of the application.

Instructions for applicants submitting a paper application: Attach all files (Word document and picture of yourself) in an email when finished and send to: subject: application

Applications (4 options)

  1. Apply Online: You can click here to apply online.
  2. Email only: Som Application (Word Document)
    Attach a recent digital picture (please, not more than 300 kb; resize if necessary)
  3. Regular mail only: Print (PDF) the application yourself
  4. Email or phone and ask us to send you an application by snail mail

The application must include a testimony and Resume (included in the e-application):


Please write essays of any length regarding the following 2 topics.

  1. Write a testimony concerning your salvation experience.
  2. Why do you want to attend the Calvary Chapel School of Ministry?


Prepare a resumé in the following areas:

Start with the most recent dates first.

  1. Education (Beyond high school)
    [List schools, dates of attendance, degree–if any]
  2. Employment
    [Job title, nature of work, employer, responsibilities, dates]
  3. Ministry Experience
    [Teaching, outreach activities, church positions, etc.
    List church/place, dates]
  4. Principle Place of Fellowship
    [Church, dates]
  5. Sources of Training in the Bible
    [Places, dates]