Requirements & Prerequisites

General Admission Requirements

Because of the intensity of the program, it is important to develop a prayer team to stand with the student. We ask that the applicant find three to six people with whom he can share his special needs and who will “hold up his arms” in God’s calling on his life.

Formal application must be made to enter the M.B.S. program Since this program comes after SOM and the application for SOM is on file, we will only need a simple form indicating when the student intends to matriculate into the program.


  • The student will be required to submit a transcript from his undergraduate institutions. This transcript must indicate that he has completed a legitimate bachelor’s degree.
  • The student must have completed the two-year SOM program with a “B” average. (No “passes” for classes in which grades are given will be accepted.)
  • For the classes “greek Syntax”, “Greek Exegesis” and “Exposition of Romans” the student must complete a proficiency exam in New Testament Greek. This exam will be based on translating selected passaged from 1 John and parsing selected verbs from it. Testing for this will be by appointment, but must be completed by Labor day. Other classes may be taken without this prerequisite.