Course Description



Old Testament / New Testament Survey 2 units  each semester, 8 units total

Each semester, the student must listen to and take notes on a designated number of Pastor Chuck  Smith’s MP3  messages of the “Through the Bible”  C-2000 series.  The student must complete the entire series in order to graduate.


Calvary Distinctives / Acts  1 unit each semester; 4 units total

Pastor Chuck personally lectures on the Philosophy of ministry, the Calvary Chapel distinctives  and on other topics.

Orientation to Ministry 2 units  each semester; 8 units total

This course  includes the following:

  • Guest Speakers Each week visiting pastors and guest lecturers share on special topics.
  • Practical ministry experience and instruction to equip the prospective pastor.

- Instruction in performing weddings, funerals and other pastoral duties.

- Regular ministry involvement outside of school is required.  A monthly report form will be kept of

student’s  ministry activities.

- Note-taking from a weekly Sunday morning, Sunday evening or mid-week service, that student is attending.

- A weekly two-hour session in the front office of the CCCM, praying with people on the phone.

- To execute “how to” projects, which the student would be able to utilize in ministry.




Koinonia [second semester] 1 unit

This class provides a model of small group experience, including Bible study and prayer.  Koinonia is designed to develop a spiritual fellowship and biblically based relationships between students.

Beginning Greek 3 units  each semester, 6 units total

This course introduces Koine Greek, the language of the New Testament.  The objective is to learn its grammar and to acquire a basic vocabulary.  In the second semester the student may choose the “high road” traditional approach to Greek, or he may prefer to do the less demanding “low road” which gives an exposure to the language.  The “low road” class will be on a pass/fail basis.


Biblical Counseling 2 units each semester, 4 units total

The student will learn to apply the principles of God’s Word to his life and the lives of others so that it may transform their lives.  Instruction is based on materials developed by Biblical Counseling Foundation.


Bible Study Methods [second semester] 2 units

To continue the development of inductive Bible study skills, the student will be shown how to prepare analytic, synthetic, topical, doctrinal, historical and devotional studies. This will be followed by assignments utilizing these skills and methods.


Expository Preaching [first semester] 1 unit

An examination of the task of the preparation and delivery of the expository message.


Inductive Bible Study [first semester] units

A class that provides training in the “how to” of public teaching of the Word of God.  The student will walk through the steps of observation, interpretation and application with both oral and written assignments.




Advanced Biblical Counseling  1 unit each semester, 2 units total

Training by biblical analysis and discussion of significant problem areas of various counseling cases, and classroom instruction in more complicated issues.


Essentials of Ministry 1 unit each semester,  2 units total

Pastor Brian sets out  a philosophy of ministry and other instruction to equip the prospective pastor.


Advanced Expository Preaching [first semester] 1 unit

Expository Preaching continued.


Hebrew I & II 2 units first & 2 units second semester, 4 units total

This class introduces the Hebrew language to the student, enabling him to understand commentaries and other study tools  that use Hebrew.


Introduction to Apologetics [second semester] 2 units

This class will provide an introduction to defending the faith, to better equip the student to share his faith in a secular world.


Teaching/Preaching Lab first semester 2 units & second semester 1 unit; 3 units total

The student will teach from various sections of the Bible, applying God’s truth to people’s needs, with evaluation.


Missions [first semester] 1 unit

An introduction to the study of mission including missionary life, and ministry on the mission field.


Topics in Church History [second semester] 1 unit

An introduction to the general flow of Church History with a deeper look at certain significant events.




Issues in Theology 2 units  Fall

{Theology Proper, Bibliology, Christology, Soteriology, Anthropology}
Important topics will be selected from systematic theology for special examination.  An apologetic will be established for certain doctrines.  The objective is for the student to work through theological issues and arrive at conclusions based on careful biblical study.


Spiritual Formation 2 units  Fall

An exposition of significant passages of Scripture for the cultivation of the Christian life, noting factors that inhibit or advance spirituality and maturity.


Ministering in the Cycle of Life 2 units  Spring

An examination of the various stages of life.  The class will emphasize developing a children’s ministry.  The class will discover ways to minister to those in each age group.


Secular History of Biblical Times 2 units  Spring

A study of the political, religious, and social milieu in which the events of the Bible took place.  Special attention will be devoted to those civilizations and historical events, which had a bearing upon Scripture.  Biblical books and significant dates of biblical events will be studied in the historical context.


Issues in Eschatology 2 units  Fall

Studies will be done in key topics dealing with what the Bible has to say about end times.  The class will be taught from a pretribulational, premillenial point of view.


Church Planting 2 units   Fall

A focus on establishing a new assembly.  These studies will consider beginning a church through starting a home fellowship and then growing that church.  Factors that help or hinder church growth will be investigated.


Hermeneutics 2  units  Spring

An examination of a sound way to interpret the Bible.  A literal, grammatical, historical approach will be contrasted with other methods.


Leadership and Administration 2 units  Spring

A look at the biblical role of leadership in the assembly with an emphasis on the role of the pastor.  Principles of management will also be examined.