Having benefited greatly from so many of the classes at SoM, there are two whereby I believe I have learned the most; Advanced Expository Preaching & Preaching Lab. Choosing just one of these would be impossible because they are so intertwined. From these courses I learned how to effectively study the scripture to reveal what the text was communicating, to prepare a proper preaching manuscript, and develop the skills to preach that message most effectively. The coursework in these classes successfully developed new skills within me, honed and polished the gifts and talents that I already possessed and instilled within me a greater confidence to preach and teach the Word of God!

The instructors in these courses were knowledgeable adept preachers in their own right and dedicated to passing on to each student the wisdom they have gained through years of preaching and teaching. I will forever be in debt to them for the gift(s) they have given me!

Kristian T. Jensen
Class of 2011